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A Comparison Between the Lifespan and Sole F80

Treadmills have overtaken dumbbells in recent years as more and more people have shifted their workout goals from muscle building to keeping fit. The best advantage of the treadmills over those of the dumbbells is the fact that the fore offers you cardio, something very impossible to get from dumbbells. This, however, does not mean that all treadmills are equally efficient since efficacy is highly dependent on the manufacturer of each and every treadmill.


Taking closer look at the most popular and high-end equipment in the contemporary market, the Lifespan TR3000i and Sole F80, you cannot help but notice that although they have a lot of similarities, both machines offer various benefits in relation to their efficiency and effectiveness in their functionality which cannot be ignored.

It is important to remember that, the differences and similarities including the features that come with the machine, comfort and safety and their functionality are the determining factors that allow an individual user to go for either of the machine and not the other.

Looking at the equipment’s mechanical features, we note that both treadmills come with features such as deck, which has shock absorbing properties providing the user with ample comfort throughout the workout session. Remember comfort is as essential as the workout itself as being in uncomfortable position for a long period of time will put your body in more harm than the benefits you will derive from the exercise itself. Both treadmills have heart monitoring properties, easy access incline keys and remote handrail controls.

Although entertainment is definitely not a priority in building workout equipment, it is definitely a very important feature when incorporated in a treadmill. As music is a powerful tool in controlling the mood of any person, listening to slow or fast music will definitely alter a person’s behavior. Both the Sole F80 and the Lifespan TR3000i come with speakers and iPod/Mp3 compatibility. Also, heart monitoring properties are indeed a very important feature in any treadmill since the workouts are cardio and the Sole F80 and the Lifespan TR3000i do not ignore this as they come with grip/contact sensor system and have wireless chest compatibility features.

Lifespan TR3000i offers a quick start and goal oriented workouts and provides a reading rack. However, the equipment comes with no reversible deck. Lifespan TR3000i does not come with a wireless chest strap. If you do need one after buying the machine, then you will have to purchase it differently.

On the other hand, the Sole F80 machine comes with a cooling fan which is very handy in any cardio exercise and an accessory tray. The equipment also comes with a reversible deck and offers a wireless chest strap also. Its limitation includes the machines incapability to offer a quick start and goal oriented workouts.

According to most customers, there really isn’t much of a big decision to make when choosing which equipment to buy. Both machines are a great value for money and basically reach, or exceed, any customer’s expectations.

How to Keep Weight off Permanently With Garcinia Cambogia

In the world today, losing weight is a highly difficult task for many. However, keeping off the weight after losing it is even harder. In this case, it is important to have sustainable solutions that not only help in weight loss but also in keeping off the weight permanently. Ineffective weight loss methods will leave you frustrated due to a vicious weight loss cycle that achieves little but wears you out.

To lose weight and keep it off permanently you need to do several things:

Use Garcinia Cambogia to initially lose weight

Garcinia Cambogia is a small pumpkin lime fruit originally found in Indonesia, India and a few West African countries. The fruit has been in use for many centuries as a food additive and for pharmaceutical purposes such as treatment of stomach complications. In the recent past, extracts from the fruit’s rind have been used in various weight loss products. This is because it contains an active component known as HCA or hydroxycitric acid.

Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss

HCA works with the body to increase its metabolism, release positive hormones and consequently decrease stress hormones. It is also known to generate a full stomach effect when used before meals. It is also affordable and we found lot of success stories after reviewing many Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement reviews at:

These are some of the reasons that make it a popular and effective weight loss product that keeps off the weight in the long run.

Change your eating habits

Eating habits are your worst enemies when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. For effective weight loss, you need to reduce the amount of calories taken into the body and increase the calories burned. This means avoiding high calories and fat foods such as cakes, processed foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks. It is wise to feed on natural healthy foods food such as cereals, fruits and vegetables. Also reduce the amount of red meat you eat and go for lean and white meat. Portioning is also vital in a healthy diet. Eat nutrient rich foods many times throughout the day instead of having a heavy meal in a single sitting. Avoid eating food at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

Start working out

Garcinia cambogia weight loss reviews – Even though Garcinia Cambogia select will work for you even if you do not work out, you will get better results that will be long term if you add exercises to your daily activities. When you exercise, you increase your metabolism and reap other health benefits such as reduced risk of heart attack and better sleep. Regular exercises are a must when trying to keep off weight permanently.

Make sure your workouts contain cardio, muscle building and strength building sets. If going to the gym is too hard for you, try incorporating work outs in your activities such as mowing the lawn, gardening, or even walking to the store.

Even before thinking about maintaining a certain weight, you need to know how to lose the excess. Quick weight loss can be achieved with Garcinia Cambogia extract.

How to Get Rid of Butt Fat Using Garcinia Cambogia

The biggest morphological difference between men and women is the fact that women have more fat than men. This is why the features of the females are more refined or softened as opposed to that of men that look a little rough. In normal women, the percentage of fat is about 18%-20% of the total bodyweight, whereas men only have 10% to 15%. Stocking more fat in women is mainly due to childbirth that requires them at some point to feed a child from their own reserves. In this case, ladies are required to stock energy in the form of fat.

Butt Fat Removal

For unknown reasons, climate determines the different fat distribution in women. In hot climates like the African humid weather, fat tends to be stored in the buttocks. Mediterranean women store theirs on the hips while Asians stock their fat on the navel. This distribution of fat has its benefits as it gives a woman some kind of reprieve from carrying loads of fat on the whole body. In areas like the buttocks, fat tend to be contained by the gluteal fold. Apart from it being an energy reserve, the concentration protects the anal area as well as making sitting more comfortable as it cushions the direct contact of the bones and the supporting surface.

Because of the role the butt fat plays, its accumulation in that region is accepted. However, too much of it makes it difficult for one to move around with ease. At the same time, it may interfere with someone’s posture. This makes it necessary to get rid of some of it using a combination of garcinia cambogia fruit extract and butt exercises. Good news is; getting rid of butt fat is not as difficult as the other areas.

Here is an exercise schedule that can work out:

- Begin by jogging around before sprinting. At first, do this over short distances because if you have not been exercising regular, you may experience pain on the thighs and lower part of your legs.

- After getting acquainted with these exercises, try to run faster and over long distances. If there are hills around the area you reside in, they can make good exercises for you as climbing steep places gives the back area a good workout. While climbing the hill, you will also be toning down thigh fat.

- You could do squats too. You can do squats in sets of five, with twenty reps. When you are steady enough, you can double the number. Remember this exercise helps the butts and thighs. At the same time, it makes your movements lighter.

- Lower leg lift crunches could do too. This exercise is done by lying flat with the back area touching the ground. Keep the hands folded at the back of the head then join the legs together. Touch the head on the knees without lifting them up. You will feel the pressure on the thighs and the butts.

- Stretching is another good exercise if done regularly. It will help loosen the muscles to help tone them.

All these exercises can help one lose fat on the butt area. When combined with garcinia cambogia, they can give one wonderful results.

Jessica Lange – Age Well Hidden

A well known screen and stage actress, Jessica Lange has had a successful career as an actress and entertainer. The fact that she also is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador also adds a lot of weight to her popularity. She is not exactly young and the fact that she has a rich experience of 35 years in the acting field is an achievement, by itself. She is a mother of three and therefore, age has certainly caught up with her looks and appearances.


Those who have the habit of following her closely in the print and electronic media, have reasons to believe that she has gone through a number of plastic surgeries to improve and enhance her looks and appearances. One such surgery which is quite evident is the face lift that she has gone through. These pictures are the evidence of Jessica Lange’s surgery.

Her forehead is totally free from lines and wrinkles. She must have been treated with some carefully chosen chemicals, which have helped to redefine her facial appearances. Her eyelids are also a talking point these days and it is believed that she has undergone a well performed eyelid surgery, which has made her look younger.

Another celebrity whose experience with plastic surgery has been great is Keira Knightley. Her breast augmentation surgery has been the talk of the town. Sexy and good looking as she is, her breasts today are great to look at because she has increased its sizes through a well performed augmentation process.

The same is the case with her nose which looks much sharper when compared to what it was a short time back. Apart from the above, she also has undergone quite a few other surgeries ranging from lip filling to face lift surgeries. All these have certainly have worked for her, which is again, a rarity.

If you are one of those who are keen on giving yourselves a newer look, you can try these surgeries provided you know how to go about it. You must take cues and suggestions from the right sources, before actually taking the plunge.

You must be willing to research as much information as possible and touch base with a number of plastic surgeons and skin specialists before going in for them. Last but not the least, you must also have in mind the cost elements of these surgeries because they are quite high in most of the cases. You can rediscover your looks provided you choose the right options.